A joint effort to extend a pool of PKA experts.

7 April 2016, Komentarze 0

Polska_Komisja_Akredytacyjna_-_2016-03-20_10.46.18The Polish Accreditation Committee, in accordance with its mission statement and quality policy, strives to solve the tasks entrusted to it effectively and efficiently. The selection of experts with whom the Committee cooperates, guaranteeing the highest possible level of realisation of duties laid down in provisions of the amended Act of Law on Higher Education but also resulting from the dynamic development of education offer, is an aspect of utmost importance in the effort to create the quality culture.

The contribution of the academic world in the process of developing professional panels of experts will undoubtedly strengthen the sense of joint responsibility for quality assurance in higher education. Outcomes of such efforts will not only facilitate the process of improvement of the Polish Accreditation Committee but also foster pro-quality activities undertaken by higher education institutions. Thus, the Committee will address the authorities of the faculties and departments of HEIs and ask them to propose candidates holding an academic title or degree who are enjoying a reputable position in the scientific / artistic world, being foremost in their disciplines and also possessing serious didactic experience.

We would be very grateful if you sent us information concerning the proposed candidates, along with a description of their scientific / artistic and didactic achievements and experience related to quality assurance.