PKA activity assessed by the Supreme Audit Office

12 October 2018
12 October 2018, Komentarze 0
On October 4, 2018, the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) published information on the results of the audit under the name “Quality assessment system of education in universities”. As part of the said audit, the assessment was subjected, inter alia, to activities of the Polish Accreditation Commission. According to the partial assessment formulated on page 17 of the post-audit statement:
“The Supreme Audit Office positively assesses the activity of the Polish Accreditation Commission in the area of improving the quality of education in universities. The Commission cooperated with international institutions and organizations evaluating the quality of education and accreditation in selected areas of students’ education as part of the program evaluation of the effectiveness of internal education quality assurance systems The adopted procedure allows for the comparability of the PKA’s assessment of the effectiveness of the internal education quality assurance system in the higher education institutions studied. “
An post-audit report on the activities of the Polish Accreditation Committee can be found here.