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Assessment reports are not available in case of withdrawal or waived assessments (the site-visits were not conducted in such cases).

Additional information: the Polish Accreditation Committee assess quality of education within the fields of study (programmes) and individual profiles (academic- or practice-oriented) as well as activities of basic organisational units of higher education institutions in the course of institutional assessment.

The assessment scale starts with the outstanding rate (awarded for 8 years) and goes through positive one (6 years), conditional (a date of follow-up assessment is given in a resolution of Presidium of PKA) and negative rate.
The scale is complemented by “Revocation of authorisation – a decision of MSHE” status indicating that Minister of Science and Higher Education issued a decision revoking suspended (or withdrawn) authorisation to provide education within the specific field of study that was previously awarded negative assessment by PKA.
Such status is updated on the basis of information provided by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The conditional assessment results in a follow-up assessment that allows for verification if corrective measures undertaken by HEI were effective.

Negative assessment may result in a suspension or withdrawal of authorisation to provide degree programmes or – in case of negative institutional assessment – will drive HEI back to programme assessment procedures.