Strategy of the Polish Accreditation Commission

The Polish Accreditation Committee has adopted the Strategy, which will be implemented until 2020, setting out operational objectives and tasks to achieve the following strategic objectives in each of the areas:

Strategic area I - PKA as the guard of quality standards in higher education

implementation of the PKA’s core tasks in the area of programme evaluation; enhancement of the PKA’s members’ and experts’ competences; modernisation of the work organisation of evaluation panels; improvement of the effectiveness and transparency of accreditation procedures.

Strategic area II - PKA as a partner in developing quality culture

development of analytical and research activities; strengthening of dialogue with external and internal stakeholders; dissemination of good practices in quality assurance of education; improvement of the level of internationalisation of accreditation procedures; development of new forms of external quality assessment procedures.

Strategic area III - PKA as an active and globally recognized quality assurance agency

increasing the PKA’s participation in international organisations working for the quality of education in higher education and bilateral and multilateral cooperation; improving the dissemination and communication activities of the PKA in the international environment; obtaining project funds for the development and improvement of the PKA’s activities; maintaining the existing formal status of the PKA in the international area.

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