Appoitment of the Advisory Council of Polish Accreditation Comittee

On September 8, 2021 according to the § 8 of the Statutes of the Polish Accreditation Committee the President of PKA prof. dr hab. Stanisław Wrzosek appointed the PKA Advisory Council in the following composition:   prof. dr hab. Adam Budnikowski as a the President of the Council  Members:  prof. dr hab. Jan Głuchowski,  Mateusz Grochowski (the President … Read more

The activity of PKA appreciated by ENQA

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According to § 1 section 4 of the Statute of the Polish Accreditation Committee, the Committee have to be the subject to external review, in accordance with the principles of the functioning of the quality assurance agency in the European Higher Education Area at least once in 5 years. The international team of experts have … Read more

Site visits planned by the Polish Accreditation Committee March 2020

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At the March 2020, PKA planned the following site visits:  February 29 – March 1  in the field of economics at the Powiśle College in Kwidzyn;  March 2-3  in the field of jazz and stage music at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University;  in the field of army in the system of public services at the Naval Academy Bohaterów Westerplatte in Gdynia;  March 3-4  in the field of history at the Nicolaus Copernicus University;  in … Read more