PKA’s external evaluation

Article 1(4) of the Statute of the Polish Accreditation Committee stipulates that the activities of the Committee are subject to external review, at least every 5 years, in accordance with the principles of the European Higher Education Area.
The Polish Accreditation Committee, both in 2008 and in 2013, was subject to an external review by an international panel of experts. The strategic objective was to obtain/renew the status of a full member of ENQA and to be registered in the EQAR Register of Quality Assurance Agencies. As a result of the external review since the beginning of 2009. PKA has maintained its status as a full member of ENQA and is registered in EQAR.

As in previous years, the objective of the third external review of the Polish Accreditation Commission in 2018 was to confirm full membership of ENQA by determining the compliance with the standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area set out in Parts 2 and 3, as well as the Agency’s compliance with equivalent EQAR standards leading to the renewal of the registration.
In the opinion of the Polish Accreditation Commission, the external review is conducive to increasing the effectiveness of the internal quality management system, as the external evaluation allows to identify the weaknesses unnoticed by the Committee and to indicate the ways forward, also in the context of professionalisation of accreditation agencies operating in the European Higher Education Area.

Due to the fact that self-assessment, which is an element of the external review, is by nature a subjective analysis, the PKA ensured its objectivity by confronting various points of view with each other. To achieve this, the self-assessment process inlvolved a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives of different bodies or sections within the PKA and experts working with the Committee (students, employers). Involving a large number of people in the process of consulting the self-evaluation report was extremely important. The draft self-assessment report was the subject of internal consultations of the PKA (Presidium, Sections, Appeal Section, Ethics Section, PKA Bureau, experts) and external consultations (Ministry of Science and Higher Education, General Council of Science and Higher Education, Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, Conference of Rectors of Vocational Schools in Poland, Conference of Rectors of Public Vocational Schools, Polish Chamber of Commerce, Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland). The final version of the self-assessment report and its annexes were approved at the plenary meeting of the Commission on 22 February 2018 and then sent to the institution coordinating the external review process of ENQA.

As a result of the review carried out in 2018. The Polish Accreditation Committee renewed the status of a full member of ENQA and was entered into the register of EQAR accreditation agencies.

See the 2018 review package.